Environmentally Friendly Cables Are Fully Recyclable and Halogen-Free

green_choice_cablesGreenChoice LSZH-jacketed cables are low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) versions on some of Belden’s most popular and reliable cables. These environmentally friendly cables are an extension of the company’s GreenChoice solutions for customers looking for green alternatives to traditional products.

GreenChoice cables are fully-recyclable, halogen-free and meet all current environmental standards, including WEE, REACH, RoHS and Prop 65. Halogen-free GreenChoice cables are non-toxic and can be deposited in landfills.

GreenChoice cables are particularly beneficial when installed in control and instrumentation applications, computer and CAD/CAM equipment, power supplies, audio, personal computers, POS and automotive – wherever humans or animals are in close proximity to the cables and could be exposed to halogens.

Qualified for LEED Credits

The GreenChoice product line meets the requirements of LEED Pilot Credit 54 for up to 2 LEED points per installation to help builders achieve the next level of LEED certification. In addition, LEED certification may lead to tax breaks on the building dependent on state law.

Off-the-Shelf and Meet Belden’s Exacting Standards

GreenChoice cable has the same robust electrical properties as its Belden Classics counterparts and is manufactured to Belden’s exacting standards in an ISO 9001 North American facility with the same 25-year warranty. GreenChoice cabling uses the same AWM and UL rating systems as Belden Classic Cables.


All GreenChoice cabling is available off-the-shelf in 500 and 1000 ft. put-ups. Belden also offers LSZH cables as standard products in its Shipboard product line. LSZH jackets are also available on special order for most Belden classic cables.

More Information

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