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The Lumberg Automation line of connectivity products represents over 25 years of engineering excellence. When used in conjunction with our cabling and active device products you can rely on outstanding signal transmission quality and reliability. For ease of use, the industrial connectivity product portfolio is divided into two segments – Passive and Active.
Connectivity Component SolutionspassiveThe ideal solution for reducing overall design and install costs. The connectivity suite of products from Lumberg Automation includes Distribution BoxesCord SetsSplitters, Receptacles, Field Attachable Connectors and DIN Valve Connectors – all available in a variety of thread sizes and styles.

  • Mini: Thread Sizes: 7/8-inch, 1-inch, and 1 1/8-inch
  • M12: Thread Sizes: 12mm
  • 1/2-inch-20: Thread Size: 1/2-inch with Dual Keyway
  • M8: Thread Sizes: 8mm
  • M23:Thread Size: 23mm

Other related products include Connectors and Components forFood and Beverage and Solenoid Valve Applications.

ActiveFieldbus and Ethernet Solutions

Early interconnection schemes employed point-to-point wiring where individual wires connected input and output devices to host controllers. On large automation jobs, this could account for tens and even hundreds of thousands of points of termination. To cut down on wiring cost and installation time, multi-conductor cables became popular.fieldbus

The next innovation was the advent of the bus system. Rather than communication between device and host controller using a bulky home run cable, bus systems collect signals from multiple devices and transmit them on a single cable. Many digital networks are in use today for industrial automation applications. These networks range from low-level systems that gather data from simple discrete devices to sophisticated networks in which intelligent devices implement distributed control

The fieldbus suite of products from Lumberg Automation includes I/O Modules (digital/analog), Cord Sets,Terminating ResistorsTAP’sReceptacles, and Field Attachable Connectors for the following protocols:

Other related products include LioN-Link decentralized I/O fieldbus system for Profibus, DeviceNet, PROFINET, and CANopen protocols.

Streamlining Machine Connectivity with  Enclosure-less I/O Systems

streamlining-machine-connectivityBy Ray DiVirgilio, Field Solutions Manager, Lumberg Automation

As manufacturing automation strategies embraced Design for Manufacturability (DFM), new automation technology advances and investments in industrial control systems for equipment, machinery and infrastructure led to distributed I/O, and, now, to enclosure-less I/0. While quick disconnect connectors and enclosure-less I/O systems have been available for years, new industrial designs often still use enclosure-based strategies for I/O. These older, centralized enclosure come at a high price: the vast amount of cabling required to connect remote equipment to the terminations in the enclosure.

This paper explores the impacts connectivity and cabling have had on streamlining equipment and machinery, and the tradeoffs between enclosure-based systems and enclosure-less based I/O systems. It offers guidelines and application examples for use in determining when it makes sense to employ the streamlining capabilities of enclosure-less I/O.

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Streamlining Machine Connectivity