Full Electric Stacker

Electric Stacker berguna untuk menaikkan/ menurunkan barang-barang pada ketinggian 1-5m.

full electric stacker

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Noblift CS15M Series

Noblift CS15M Series

· The heavy-duty stacker CS15 series with 1500kg loading capacity and various lifting height is built for stacking in intensive applications in stores and factories, applications that require durable high capacity trucks that are also capable of horizontal transports purposes.

· Electric driving and lifting offers a huge advantage over hand pallet trucks operated manually with its quick and effortless loading and transporting feature.

· Curtis controller for smooth and responsive control of the driving and reverse speed.

· Optional GERMAN-MADE called CAN-Handle and Noblelift handle for different configurations. Easy lift and lower control via push buttons on the control handle.

· Optional built-in and built-out charger.