Mobile Vertical Lifts

GTWY8-1000 | GTWY 10-1000  | GTWY12-1000

GTWY8-1000 | GTWY 10-1000 | GTWY12-1000

Spec  GTWY8-1000Table GTWY8-1000

Detail  GTWY8-1000

Standard equipment
Swing out outriggers with interlock
Emergency stop button
Battery charge indicator
Electric limit switch
Two controllers operation
Emergency lowering system
Leveling indicator
Forklift pockets
Transport tie hole

Overload sensor with alarm
AC power to platform
All motion alarm
DC power with charger

Char  GTWY8-1000

Lightweight design allow it to be easily  transported by a single person

Three models are available with the maximum working height at
8m,10m and 12m

Easy to use and enhance the productivity

Compact size (1.42m ×0.78m) provide access in and around confined
work areas