Electric Stacker PS E/PS B-Series


  • The PS E/PS B-Series and PS 16W are meant for medium duty stacking operations with capacities up to 1200kg/1500kg/1600kg.
  • The PS 16W comes with a wide mast for high residual lift capacities and a perfect view through the mast.
  • The optional foldable platform with protective arms and the maintenance free batteries for light duty applications makes this truck the ideal assistant.
  • The powerful AC-drive technology and the CANBus tiller reduces maintenance cost and increases the overall performance.


  • Powerful high quality AC drive unit.
  • Optional EPS- Electric power steering system.
  • 3PzS battery cells or maintenance free semi-traction batteries.
  • The 1500kg version comes with a higher battery capacity for longer autonomous operations.
  • Different mast versions available.
  • Robust and ergonomic design with various storage areas.
  • Optional foldable platform with protective arms.

Electric Stacker PS E dan PS B Series