Data Center Solutions

Experts in Maximizing Data Center Efficiencies

3part_iconBelden provides everything you need to optimize the effectiveness of your cabling infrastructure – including the solution to today’s most pressing Data Center efficiency issues: efficiently cooling the IT load, managing the use of power, and optimizing the use of available space. Belden’s unique systems approach to these efficiency issues and our exceptional blend of cooling, power and density technologies will help you maximize your processing capacity while minimizing your Data Center’s footprint and operational costs.

Belden’s Solutions will effectively deal with your cooling, power and density issues at the rack/enclosure level by providing:

  • Air flow, power distribution and power and climate monitoring devices that help you contend with high-density computing environments, and
  • High-density racks, enclosures, cabling system components and cable management solutions to help offset the cooling-power dilemma.

You can also call on Belden to help you with your Data Center needs. Call today and Belden will:

  • Review your Data Center in terms of performance and efficient operation.
  • Create a balance between your power, cooling and density needs for optimum energy efficiencies and application/systems performance.
  • Help you maximize the effectiveness of your cabling infrastructure to, in turn, maximize the output of your IT investment