Serial Communications

Magnum 10ETS Ethernet Terminal Servers

10ets-150pxBase unit, configurable substation hardened, managed terminal server. Each unit provides ten modular slots for up to thirty-six Ethernet and serial port combinations. Unit offers dual hot-swappable power supplies, optional IRIG-B module and Incl. MNS-DX license.


Magnum 10XTS Router Terminal Servers

10xts-150px1Magnum 10XTS base unit, configurable substation hardened, managed router/terminal server/Ethernet switch. Each unit offers up to eight Ethernet or twenty-eight serial ports as well as two E1/T1 WAN ports and offers dual hot-swap power supplies.


Dymec Links Serial Media Converters

links-150pxOver more than two decades, GarrettCom has pioneered unique utility and industrial-grade electric to fiber-optic solutions. Dymec substation-hardened Optical Serial Data Links are designed specifically for power utilities and industrial communication applications where signal integrity, reliability and overall costs are important considerations.


Dymec OS5/OS9 Optical Stars

dymecopticstar-fiber-150pxThe Dymec substation-hardened OS5HRT and OS9HRT Optical Stars provide network designers with a convenient “hub and spoke” topology capability. Optical Stars are available with either five or nine ports, with multi-mode and/or single-mode optics providing a full optical budget on each port. To further provide flexibility in configuring network topologies, Optical Stars can be used in Master/Slave or Peer-to-Peer mode and cascaded by simply connecting a port from one Optical Star to a port of the next (in Master/Slave mode it must be a slave port connected to the next master).