Time Synchronization Capabilities

clock-150x150Precise time synchronization is required to ensure that devices have accurate clocks for system control and data acquisition. In substation automation, time synchronization is especially important for time stamping of sampled values (IEC61850-9-2) of current, and voltage values require accurate clocks inside the merging units.

Precision timing is always in demand in automation technology when procedures require precise synchronization. The field of Motion Control is an important area of application. Here, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) helps to synchronize drives inside a robot, for example, or a printing press, a packaging or paper processing machine.

Time synchronization is used to precisely synchronize internal (time) clocks in IEDs, MUs, protection/control units, Ethernet switches and wherever processes need to be synchronized. Time synchronization helps to achieve accurate control and precise global analysis of network response and when, where and why any faults have occurred.