Industrial Wire and Cable Classics

Belden Industrial Classics

Belden Classic products are manufactured in a wide variety of gauge (AWG) sizes, insulation materials, shielding configurations, and jacking materials including Plenum and High-Temperature versions. These cables meet the technical requirements of many different types of systems with proven reliability and performance that is best in class. Some of the products included in this line are select Multi-conductor & Paired cables.

Multi-Conductor & Paired Cables

Belden offers one of the broadest lines of UL Listed, NEC and CEC multi-conductor cables available from any single source. Paired designs allow balanced signal transmission, which results in lower crosstalk through common mode rejection. Due to the improved noise immunity of twisted pairs, they generally permit higher data speeds than multiconductor cables.

Belden Multi-conductor and Paired Products deliver low voltage analog data & signal transmission within enclosures from controllers and I/O’s to devices such as temperature and pressure sensors, relays, valves, meters, thermocouples, solenoids, actuators, contactors, push buttons, and alarms. They also are applicable for computers, communications, instrumentation, sound, control, audio, data transmission, and many more applications.


Belden meets the demand for shielding technology with innovative designs in foil and braid configurations like the Beldfoil, for highly effective EMI and RFI protection, and 100% shield coverage for improved protection against radiated emissions and ingress at audio and radio frequencies. Belden was awarded a patent for the pioneering Beldfoil design that provides electrostatic shielding, while adding strength and extra insulation. The Beldfoil shield is lightweight, strong, flexible and thin, yet extremely effective; ideally suited for multiple pair individually shielded audio, communication, and data cables.

Product Consistency

Manufactured in ISO certified manufacturing facilities, Belden state of the art processes assures quality that is designed into each product. Product consistency for ease of termination and assembly is a mainstay of the Classic products. Precise diameter control of insulation and jacket diameters along with concentric wall thickness assure fast, reliable manufacturing in high speed automated equipment.

The Cable Finder Guide is a great tool to identify specific multi-conductor or paired cables by AWG size, shielding type, and number of conductors. Classic products are available from stock from Belden distributors and are listed in both the Classic Capabilities Bulletin (CB0017) and on the Catalog. Belden can also engineer specific constructions for your application. Contact your Belden Sales Representative for further details.

Features of Belden Classic Products

  • Unsurpassed quality & reliability
  • Polyolefin provides lower capacitance performance compared to PVC insulation
  • Robust designs that meet or exceed UL standards
  • Convenient Put-Up options.Proven performance in installations world wide
  • Tefzel, TFE, FEP Insulation & Jacket construction offer higher temperature ratings.
  • Broad Range of AWG size, shielding options, conductor and pair counts
  • Global availability through a network of Belden distributors.